Dave & Sandy

What a beautiful day. From a beautiful bride to a nice decorated church filled with family and friends, to dressed up people all around us, to a bubbly exit from church, to fun photos around downtown. November 3 was a beautiful day. But it was more than just a beautiful day.

It was a chance to mark and celebrate an important day before God, our family and friends. Our wedding day was a continuation of the journey we started and marks the step in bringing our live’s together. You witnessed our vows in which we promised to be there for one another through everything, supporting and helping each other to grow. Our vows are  a big commitment, but we are ready and eager to understand what that means.

Thank you all for the part you’ve contributed to our lives. Each and every one of you has been a part of it, and we’re glad for that. 

Dave and Sandy

To view photos of our wedding go to these Facebook albums: Ceremony, Portraits, Reception. To listen to our wedding ceremony, download an MP3 of it here from Dropbox (no software required; 24.7MB).

If you would like copies of photos to download, those will be posted here shortly.