tree house deck
The reception will be held at the Bissell Tree House at John Ball Zoo following the ceremony. 

When you arrive at the zoo, head for the main gate. Next to the main gate is the Bill and Bea Idema Funicular. You will ride the funicular for free (we've already paid for you!) up into the Forest Realm which holds the tree house. Mention that you're there for the Meyer-Teitsma Wedding to avoid paying for the ride. The 3-car tram rides on an elevated track similar to a train.  It carries 8-10 passengers per car and takes only 4-minutes each way.

If you need to go down to your car or leave early (we hope not!) during the reception you can, just ring the bell at the station where you disembarked to page the operator.

It might take a while for everyone to take the funicular up the hill, but it will be a fun ride! 

Please arrive at the Zoo by 1:30 at the very latest to make sure everyone is ready on time for lunch.

The address is:
1300 W. Fulton St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504